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why LIA


Established since more than 50 years ago, LBPP LIA has contributed in educating the people from generation to generation. To date, LBPP LIA continues its commitment to become the best English institution.


LBPP LIA employs experienced teachers. With their undoubted skills, these teachers accompany and guide the students.


Supporting and convenient learning atmosphere will truly affects the students. Thus, LBPP LIA always ensures that all students experience such a learning atmosphere.



With its strategic location, LBPP LIA Pamulang can be accessed from a number of areas in Pondok Cabe, Ciputat, Pamulang, Parung, Bogor, and Depok.


LBPP LIA Pamulang is the best place to learn English with affordable cost and easy payment system.


LBPP LIA provides well-equipped learning facilities to enable fun learning activities


english for children

The program aims at elementary school students so that they are able to use English verbally and non-verbally and to prepare themselves for the future.

English for teens

Designed for junior high school students, the program focuses on improving the students’ skills in using English and assisting them with their English subject at school.

english for adults

The program targets on high school students, college students, and general public to improve their communication skills and confidence in written and spoken English.


conversation in English

This program is suitable for those wanting to improve their English’s skills verbally and non-verbally through intensive and communicative practice.

LIA preparation course for the Toefl

Together with our teachers, you can cope with your TOEFL test with thorough and maximum preparation. Providing a number of strategies and techniques to answers the test problems, this program assists you to achieve the best TOEFL score.

business conversation

The program is provided for executives with the needs to use English at work, for travelling, and in other business activities.


Top Brand for KIDS, Top Brand for Teens, Superbrand Thn 2012, Penghargaan MURI 2014


It is actually fun learning at LIA. The teachers are all nice and friendly and it is fun to learn with the computer and stuff.

-   (Gregorius Abimanyu, ET 8)

I think studying in LIA is good. The teachers are friendly. (Ahmad Syamlan Rasyad J., ET 6)

-   (Ahmad Syamlan Rasyad J., ET 6)

I think studying in LIA is very fun. All of the teachers are friendly.

-   ( Erridea Arthadewatantri, ET 4)


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