Mr. Yasri Koto, Branch Manager

As the biggest English institution with branches and affiliations in most big cities in Indonesia, LBPP LIA understands the needs for qualified English learning. Thus, LBPP LIA Pamulang was established to accomodate the needs in South Tangerang areas.

LBPP LIA Pamulang, also known as LIA Pamulang, was initially an extension class of LBPP LIA Bogor. LIA Pamulang started its operations in early April 2011. At the moment, it has almost 1,000 students. A number of program is also available, including English for Children, English for Teens, and English for Adults.

In 2012, LIA Pamulang opened a new program that is English for Specific Purpose. The program offers simplified English lessons customized with the students's needs. The ESP program includes Conversation in English (CV) and TOEFL Preparation (TP). The CV program aims at making learners proficient conversationalists while the TP program targets on improving the learners' skills in dealing with test problems.

Located at KM8 Martadinata Street, LIA Pamulang can be easily accessed not only by students in Pamulang but also by those from other areas, such as Ciputat, Pondok Cabe, Reni Jaya, Bojong Sari, and Parung.

Our Teacher & Staff


(From left to right) Mr. Ferry, Ms. Winda, Mr. Kamal, and Mr. Achyar

Academic Operations Officer

Ms. Agita Kirana Putri

Marketing Officer

Ms. Yasmien Indriaty


Mr. Karyano, Ms. Mutia Mutmainah, Ms. Sally Sofiana


Ms. Martha Andriana, Mr. Muhammad Arief Irawan, Ms. Qisthy Hakim Handayani


Ms. Mulya Sari, Ms Navita Al-Annisa, Ms. Nadia Fuad


Ms. Siti Rahayu, Ms. Santi Septina, Mr. Tri Haryadi


Ms. Nawarotu Dohiyah, Ms. Srie Hastuti Fadillah


Mr. Damanhuri & Mr. Tubagus Satriyadi

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